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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Key Quotes and Comments:

Times: A leaked four-page report by the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), which oversees all spying, is the first definitive evidence that the intelligence services expected terrorists to strike at the Underground.

It stated: "The UK and its interests remain high in Al-Qaeda's priorities . . . Plans have been considered to attack Heathrow, the London Underground and other targets."

See government references to prior knowledge in the reports analysis

Times: The new evidence shows MI5 monitored Khan when he met suspects allegedly planning another, separate attack; that he had knowledge of the "late-stage discussions" of this plot; and that he was recorded having discussions with them about making a bomb and leaving the country. He was also recorded talking about his plans to wage jihad - holy war - and go to Al-Qaeda terrorist camps abroad.

If this is true then serious questions need to be asked to find out why MI5 did not perceive Khan as a threat and continue the surveillance. Why have MI5 seemingly withheld crucial information from the government and the public?

AP: Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. (Police later denied any warning was given)

One under-reported story surrounding 7/7 seriously suggests that people made money through selling the pound short in the days prior to the bombings. see here

It was noted early on that Khan had been under surveillance by MI5 due to an investigation in 2004. In December Charles Clarke stated that secret intelligence on the bombers may be released. Days later it became relatively clear that MI5 were now admitting to having Tanweer and Khan under surveillance pre 7/7. This is perhaps what the French were referring to from the beginning. see below

Unconfirmed security sources have spoken of all four bombers being tracked by field agents prior to 7/7. Unconfirmed sources have also stated that Khan had been involved in terrorism as far back as 2001.


Israeli prior knowledge

AP: Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

IOL: Israel says Scotland Yard was warned of possible attack

Arutz Sheva: Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast

Anti War: Mossad Chief Confirms Netanyahu's Warning of London Bombing

Stratfor: Israel Warned United Kingdom About Possible Attacks

French Intel

BBC: Row over French bomb arrest claim

Belfast Telegraph: French say suspects were arrested then freed

Independent: Reconstruction: 77 What really happened?

Saudi Intel

Observer: We warned MI6 of tube attacks, claim Saudis

Observer: UK was warned of July suicide attacks

Insider Trading

World Net Daily: Who shorted British pound?

US Prior Knowledge

NY Daily News: NYPD tied to Brit-blasts tip

Times: How a turf war among the spies tipped off the Tube bombing mastermind

Times: US 'issued alert' on 7/7 bomber in 2003

Times: Terror leader in our sights before 7/7, say US police

British Prior Knowledge

Times: MI5 judged bomber 'no threat'

BBC: 7 July bomber 'filmed last year'

Telegraph: MI5 'blunders let Tube bomber slip away'

Times: MI5 'let bomber slip through net'

Guardian: Bombers 'tracked before July 7'

Observer: July bomber in link to foiled London terror plot

Guardian: Clarke may reveal secret intelligence on July 7 bombers

Independent: Revealed: MI5 ruled London bombers were not a threat

Times: Spies warned of Tube attack

Times: MI5 knew of bomber's plan for holy war

Times: Bomber spotted a year before July 7

Global Research: Why did it take so long to bring Abu Hamza to trial?

Times: MI5 rebels expose Tube bomb cover-up

Guardian: Families set to sue over 7/7 errors

BBC: Security 'not at fault on 7 July'

Guardian: Security services 'not to blame' for London bombings

Times: MI5 cleared of 7/7 intelligence failures

BBC: MI5 taken off July bomber's trail

Times: MI5 facing criticism over surveillance of 7/7 bomber

Times: Spies 'hid' bomber tape from MPs

Guardian: 'When I heard where the bombers were from I felt sick'

Times: Police tracking bug found in 7/7 mastermind's car

BBC: 7 July informant claims rejected

BBC: Terror Expert: Khan probably working for MI5 - mp3


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