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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Key Quotes and Comments:

The Home Office and the Intelligence and Security Committee released reports into the attacks on 11th May 2006. See here for reports analysis

The investigation has encountered several false leads. Numerous stories reported in the media have not been confirmed or even commented on by Scotland Yard. It does often appear that the media get these reports from their 'security sources' before the police get them. The police have given information which has later turned out to be false. Often details provided have never been clarified, concluded or even mentioned again.

Details of forensics have been in very short supply. Police have released hardly any evidence regarding explosives, DNA, cctv or eyewitness testament. Thousands of cctv tapes have been seized, hundreds of witness statements have been recorded. It is peculiar that so few images have been released (cctv) and also strange that so few witnesses to the four men have been reported. (witnesses)

Why don't the 'security sources' who keep passing information to the press make their information 'official' to the public?

Police statements/Comments

MET: 7th July press bulletin

GOS: Terrorist Attacks on the Capital

MET: 8th July bulletin

MET: 8th July Ian Blair 4 miserable bombers slip up - wmv

MET: 9th July bulletin

MET, BTP, LU: Tube train bombs simultaneous

MET: 12th July bulletin

Times: Full police statement on London bombs

MET: 12th July issue warrants

MET: 14th July bulletin

MET: 14th July Hussain img released

MET: 18th July bulletin

MET: 27th July - Casualty Bureau closes down

BBC: Ian Blair interview - rm


Inquiry related pre may 11th 2006

BBC: 'No internal inquiry' into blasts

BBC: 'No public inquiry' into 7 July

BBC: PM defends bomb inquiry decision

BBC: Why Clarke rejected 7 July inquiry

Times: 7/7 inquiry would be a 'distraction', says Clarke

Independent: Families angry as inquiry into July 7 bombing is rejected

Daily Mail: Police 'were consulted' over 7/7 inquiry

Asian News: 7/7 - has the Blair something to hide?

icHuddersfield: Families of bomb victims upset over July 7 inquest

BBC Today Radio: Frank Gardner interview - mp3

Observer: Official: Iraq war led to July bombings

Observer: Leak reveals official story of London bombings

Independent: Terror websites inspired July bombings, says report


Independent investigation

Guardian: Seeing isn't believing

Investigation related news

Times: Terror alert downgraded, then attacks came out of the blue

Times: Anxious mother's call led police to her bomber son

Times: The suicide bomb squad from Leeds

BBC: Police release bus bomber images

Independent: The reconstruction: 7/7 - What really happened?

Times: The deadly nailbombs meant for London commuters

Times: I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy

Telegraph: UK terrorists got cash from Saudi Arabia before 7/7

Independent: London bombings: the truth emerges - pdf

Telegraph: 'Bomber's calls prove bus not original target'

Guardian: Suicide bomber's last-minute calls to accomplices

Independent: Police carry out three raids in July 7 investigation

BBC: London bombers staged 'dummy run'

Observer: A casual shopper in Boots - then he set off to kill

Observer: Ministers 'shocked' at MI5's lack of information

Independent: July 7 Tube bomber argued with cashier shortly before blast

Guardian: Muddle over mobile phone calls blocked on July 7

BBC: London bombs cost just hundreds

Times: MI5 admits: we've run out of leads on bombers

Mail on Sunday: Terror hunt for 7/7 bomber's relative in Bosnian mosque - pdf

BBC: Seeking out the suicide bombers

BBC: 7/7 prosecutions 'a possibility'


Daily Mirror: Nuclear documents found in car linked to 7/7 bomber - pdf

Times: Pakistani who instructed 7/7 cell eludes detectives

Reuters: Guantanamo prisoners tied to London bomb probe

Times: Guantanamo inmates 'helped with London bombs inquiry'

Times: New clues support al-Qaeda theory for London Bombing

Independent: Security committee to check Hamza links to Tube bombers

Telegraph: Camp Delta detainees 'knew London bombers'

Scotsman: Guantanamo 7/7 link 'nonsense'

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